Atlas welcomes another terrific new client! Middletown Medical.

Atlas Security Officer Kyle Schmidt, is recognized as "Employee of the Month" for actions he took on Oct 6. While on duty and conducting his rounds, Officer Schmidt dove into a pool and saved a women who was drowning. Congratulations, on an outstanding job!


Our Security Guards all go through extensive pre-employment screening and background checks. After joining our organization, all employees attend our own in-house training programs as well as any state-mandated courses. The vast majority of these personnel also have prior law enforcement or armed forces backgrounds. All of our Investigators have previous investigative training either through prior police or military service. More...


“As the Facility Safety Manager for UNFI, I have had the pleasure to work with Atlas Security from the very day we opened our doors. Atlas has been a very responsive to all our needs and has addressed every situation in a professional, highly competent manner. Besides providing excellent guard services, Scott and Matt were able to make recommendations and advice after a total risk assessment of our facility and grounds. [Read more...]


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