Patrol Vehicles

All Atlas Security Services Patrol Vehicles are late model units. Each vehicle is equipped with professional graphics, a remote controlled spotlight as well as emergency lighting. Supervisor's units are equipped with Wi-Fi enabled Tuff-Book laptops for report generation. Each Patrol Vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking, so that they can be monitored by any of our managers with a web enabled device (PC, laptop, smartphone, etc.). With this data we can insure proper patrols are maintained

Report Writing

Report Exec is a web-based incident and accident reporting software, that has been customized to meet Atlas Security and our client's needs. With this system, reports and any attached images are available for review by Supervisors almost instantaneously.

ID Scanner

Where locations ID Scanner require such measures, we utilize the latest ID/Drivers License Scanners. Our units are regularly updated to detect the latest in counterfeit IDs and also take a photo of the issuer when they enter the facility. The System can also be adapted to print Visitor Badges with the info. recorded from the ID and to give real time statistics as to who is on your premise.

Monitoring System

The SilverGuard Security Guard Monitoring System consists of specialized electronic hardware and software components that are used to monitor the activities of security guards during their inspection patrol tours.

Remote Surveillance

Atlas can provide Remote Surveillance trailers to supply or augment existing CCTV surveillance systems. These units are 100% self-contained, with multiple cameras, wireless capability and DVRs. These units provide 24/7 coverage and can be accessed by a standard web browser.

Thermal Vision Devices

Guards and Investigators have access to FLIR devices. These thermal vision devices provide state of the art night vision for surveillances and theft detection. This technology is very effective in large warehouse or industrial settings where dimly lit perimeters must be secured.