Firm Profile

Atlas Security Services Inc, is a mid-sized security and investigative services provider. We are large enough to take on any task or assignment, yet small enough to give you the personalized attention you require. Our experiences in corporate security service include, securing facilities that vary from corporate suites and hospitals, to large warehouses and industrial complexes.  On the investigative side, we have solved multi-state theft rings and been involved in numerous newsworthy legal cases. Our Investigators have provided executive protection for VIPs and politicians. All of these Atlas Managers and Investigators have prior Law Enforcement and/or Military experience. We also have in-house State-Certified Instructors in order to conduct professional training along with any state mandated courses of study.

President – Matthew Ventura:

Matthew  founded Atlas in 1992. A retired New York State Trooper, with 2 decades in the Security and Investigative Services industry, Matthew delivers years of  experience and professionalism . Matthew utilizes these tools while overseeing the day to day operations of Atlas Security Services.

Vice President – Scott F. Perry: 

Scott is a retired NYPD Sergeant with over a decade of experience in the Security and Private Investigation industry. Scott is the main point of contact for our Site Managers and Investigators as they conduct their daily business. Through constant contact with our clients and management staff, Atlas provides unsuprassed customer service.

Accounts Manager NY / Chief Investigator – Joseph R. Marrero:

A retired 1st Grade Detective from the NYPD’s Homicide Squad, Joe handles several accounts.  In addition to being a highly decorated 1st Grade Detective, Joe’s extensive security management experiences include, education, government and corporate environments.  Joe’s expertise and experience is  a great asset to our organization.


Supervisor – Jason Perry:

A retired NYPD Police Officer, Jason manages our Plain-Clothes Unit, that specializes in addressing theft issues at our clients facilities.  Over the past several years Jason’s team has achieved a major reduction of thefts.  Prior to his police career, Jason had experience in an educational setting and working with special needs youth.


CCTV Specialist:

Having a CCTV team means we are able to get immediate service 24/7 to address our clients CCTV needs.  The leader of our CCTV crew also has an extensive investigative background, which gives him a unique perspective when designing security systems.


Accounts Manager NJ / Employee Development – James Humble:

A retired Chief of Police with 35 years experience, Jim manages our New Jersey accounts and runs the training program.  Not only does he teach pre-employement and state mandated certification courses, but he also conducts our in-service training program and site specific learning. Jim also utilizes an outside consultant to instruct in specialized areas such as Tactical Communications and Dispute Mediation.

Executive Protection Team Leader – John Frappoli:

Led by John, a retired New Jersey State Police Lieutenant with experience on the Governor’s Detail, our team brings a wealth of experience to provide our client’s with Executive Protection and secure transportation.

Additionally, Atlas Security Services employs some of the finest Security Officers, Supervisors and Site Managers in the business.  With an excellent retention rate, our  experienced staff offers years of knowledge and training to help secure your business 24/7